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The Boring Stuff: I am a Fully Accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and to date have won 82 Awards from both the NSW Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA), the National Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) and also the International Loupe Awards since 2010. Last Year, Peepo Photography was also ranked as the 4th top Photo journalistic Photographer in the world at the International Loupe Awards.

The Interesting Stuff: I live in the blue mountains. I have two gorgeous children, a doting husband and a small black foxie who is a little bit senile.

I swore I would never move into shooting children after shooting in excess of 250 Weddings, and then I had some. Things changed. Now I find myself looking at obscure items in the shops and thinking to myself 'Can I put a baby in that?' Newborns have taken over and now I actually shoot more children than weddings each year and I adore that this is the main focus of Peepo now.  

Things I love: My family, my job, ice cream, dancing in the rain, watching movies on the lounge, Sunday drives, summer sprinklers, windy days, things that sparkle, Travelling, warm bread, a symphony orchestra, a weekend at the beach, cheese, clouds, Christmas, Snow, Skiing, Champagne with friends, laughing till you cry, bush walks, dreaming, holding hands, kissing, cheese, (did I say that already?) tender moments, beautiful smiles that reach your eyes, long grass, sunsets, singing out of tune, fresh sheets, hot tea, red velvet cupcakes, black damask wallpaper, chandeliers, curved staircases, long baths, roaring fires, snugly pyjamas and anything a little bit quirky or different :)